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Welcome CIO Council
  • Strategic Plans
    • FY 2007 - 2009 - XML | PDF - See Key Performance Indicator:
      • All of the e-Gov and Lines of Business (LoB) project management offices have fully documented the data architecture in conformance with the XML schema for DRM 2.0.
    • FY 2004 - See reference to XML & OASIS on p. 9 (PDF p. 10)
  • Architecture & Infrastructure Committee (AIC) - United States Congress

OASIS | - eGov TC | Focus Area | XML Sites List


JITC XML Multi-Function Lab | Goldfarb's XML Times | ComputerWorld | Dr. Dobb's Journal | XML Journal | Ken Sall's Essential XML Sites | Web Developers Virtual Library of XML Specifications, Proposals & Vocabularies | Best of the Web - XML

W3C Specifications QA Matrix

NARA's eGov Records Management Metadata & Schema Project

Records Management Metadata Schema - v. 2 | v. 1

Library of Congress

Technical Metadata for the Long-Term Management of Digital Materials: Preliminary Guidelines, Defense Virtual Library, DTIC, March 21, 2002

Reference Model of an Open Archival Information System (OAIS)

XML Editing Tool Reviews - Open Format for Office Documents

Electronic Business XML (ebXML)

Australia's NOIE ebXML Project Site - Universal Description, Discovery & Integration

UK eGov Interoperability Framework (eGIF)

OII Guide to XML & Related Standards

IDEAlliance Conference Proceedings

Extreme Markup Languages Conferences Proceedings

Wilshire Meta-Data & DAMA Conferences

Wf-XML, BPML & XPDL Collaboration

  • Wf-XML - XML for Workflow Automation
  • BPML - Business Process Modeling Language
  • XPDL - XML Processing Description Language

LegalXML - Standards for Legal Documents


HR-XML - XML for Human Resources

XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language

  • Financial Institution Data Bank ~ Call Reports XBRL Focus Group

PerfectXML - An XML Community - An Open-Source/XML Community

DSML - Directory Services Markup Language

XForms - The Next Generation of Web Forms

CASIC - Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection

VoiceXML - Internet Content Via Voice & Phone - XML & the News Industry

PRISM - Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata

ICE - Information & Content Exchange

RSS - RDF Rich Site Summary

LMNL - Layered Markup Annotation Language

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