"Seconds" of the April 13 XMLWG meeting

NOTE: "Seconds" are shorter than "minutes."

    Meeting was held (MSmith hosting); about 10 people present or on-line.

    Group reviewed proposals & ideas forwarded since last meeting: (1) creating an XML "register" (to
    support 500-Forms project?); (2) Mark Crawford of LMI discussed his recent XML report for
    GSA/GWP/E-commerce (MMitchell) & the recommendations in it; (3) Owen discussed proposed
    language from EPA; and (4) Martin and others discussed what types of "best practices" or CIO
    education we could recommend to the Council.

    The group discussed the concept of immediate (or at least short-term), tangible deliverables as a
    focus of our report to the Council. The group also discussed the (so far unknown) extent of XML
    DTD's or elements that might be UNIQUE to Government, versus those that could (and should) be
    used from existing private standards. (Mary Mitchell was strong on minimizing the idea that we
    have a lot of unique requirements.)

    Martin proposed the beginnings of an outline for the group's report to the Council's EIET
    Committee on May 18. (See discussion area for details.)

    MEXT MEETING is tentatively at the USITC again, at 1:30PM on Thursday, April 27.

    Martin offered to make/find a collaboration tool for the group: you're using it now.

[Editor's note:  Martin was referencing the intranets.com site that he set up to facilitate the ad hoc study group's collaborations, from which these notes have been copied.]


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