XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: XML at DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Acronym (if applicable):
Point of Contact: Bob Donohue
Contact E-mail Address: donohuer@ostinet.osti.gov
Telephone: 865-241-3808
URL: www.osti.gov
Submitter Name: Carol Blackston
Submitter Organization: Dept. of Energy, Office of the CIO
Submitter E-mail: carol.blackston@hq.doe.gov
Submit Date: 23-May-01

Description of Effort:
The Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) uses XML extensively in the majority of its web-based products, including XML configuration and transmission files, formats for web responses, web search tools for data harvesting, and processing the R&D Tracking System input. OSTI uses the following XML tools: IBM XML Parser, Xerces Parser, and INEEL's own interfaces to the parser. INEEL adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) XML standard.

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