XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Regional Outlook Extensible Publishing
Acronym (if applicable): ROXP
Point of Contact: Terrie Franks
Contact E-mail Address: tfranks@fdic.gov
Telephone: 202.898.7007
URL: http://www.fdic.gov
Submitter Name: Terrie Franks
Submitter Organization: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Submitter E-mail: tfranks@fdic.gov
Submit Date: 25-Apr-01

Description of Effort:
We are creating a prototype of a publication, "Regional Outlook," using XML and XSL FO to test the efficiencies for publishing to print and the Web. We will also explore the use of an XML-based content management system.  If the first phase is successful, we will explore the use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) and how to extend access to legacy data.

Major Participants:
Richard Campbell, Division of Information Resource Management
Terrie Franks, Division of Insurance

Types of people they would like to get involved:
We would like to receive best practice information from people involved with XML-based print publishing, content management, SVG, or data mapping solutions.

How people can get involved:
Contact:  Richard Campbell, 703.516.1135, rcampbell@fdic.gov, or Terrie Franks, 202.898.7007, tfranks@fdic.gov

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