XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Redesign of Internet and Intranet leveraging XML
Acronym (if applicable):
Point of Contact: Jeffrey Smith
Contact E-mail Address: jeffrey.e.smith@customs.treas.gov
Telephone: 703-921-7251
URL: http://www.customs.gov
Submitter Name: Jeffrey Smith
Submitter Organization: U.S. Customs
Submitter E-mail: jeffrey.e.smith@customs.treas.gov
Submit Date: 08-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
At Customs, we are currently reviewing XML based content management systems. We hope to XML enable as much content as possible. We are interested in leveraging all the benefits of XML that seem truly value added at the appropriate time.

Major Participants:
Jeffrey Smith
Rod Macdonald

Types of people they would like to get involved:
Anyone currently exploring content management systems, developing XML enabled applications, redesigning their site, or exploring information architecture and usability.

How people can get involved:
Call Jeffrey Smith @ 703-921-7251, or email jeffrey.e.smith@customs.treas.gov

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