XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Processing Experimental Test Data Using XML
Acronym (if applicable):  PETDUX
Point of Contact: Kin C. Wong
Contact E-mail Address: kin.c.wong@grc.nasa.gov
Telephone: (216) 433-8712
Submitter Name: Kin C. Wong
Submitter Organization: NASA Glenn Research Center
Submitter E-mail: kin.c.wong@grc.nasa.gov
Submit Date: 10-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
Looking at ways of transforming and distributing experimental test data using XML. One goal is to be able to easily distribute test data to our customers at the conclusion of testing. The other goal is to provide near real-time test data over the web to remote customers who use our test facilities.

Major Participants:
So far this has been a one person effort.

Types of people they would like to get involved:
Other NASA centers, government agencies (Air Force, DOD), and industry partners who use and operate wind tunnels and test facilities.

How people can get involved:
Currently, we provide test data to our customers mainly as comma-delimited ascii files. However, for some of our customers, this is not their preferred format. Providing a custom format is usually not a trivial task. If we can develop a schema or standard format for experimental test data, it would make the transfer of data much easier for all parties involved.

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