XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Product Data Markup Language
Acronym (if applicable): PDML
Point of Contact: Donald Hall
Contact E-mail Address: donald_hall@hq.dla.mil
Telephone: 703.767.6988
URL: http://www.pdml.org
Submitter Name: Donald Hall
Submitter Organization: Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office
Submitter E-mail: donald_hall@hq.dla.mil
Submit Date: 07-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
PDML is an xml vocabulary for product data interoperability, including exchange, aggregation and indexing.  PDML uses the BizTalk protocol as a message transaction environment and MS BizTalk servers as translation sites for conversion of legacy data to the PDML form.  A master reference model mediates translation between specific application transaction sets which in turn form the neutral data exchange format that mediates the translation to/from the legacy environment.  PDML addresses data interoperability in across the firewall in a loosely coupled environment.  Several PDML pilot projects are underway with one being transitioned to operations in FY 01.

Major Participants:
DoD Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office
Defense Logistics Agency
Naval Supply Systems Command
US Army Tank and Automotive Command
Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
Product Data Integration Technologies

Types of people they would like to get involved:
Personnel having the need to exchange product data or harmonize repositories at multiple independent sites.

How people can get involved:
Contact Donald Hall at the above address or Pete Everitt at peveritt@pdit.com

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