XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Object Modeling System
Acronym (if applicable): OMS
Point of Contact: Olaf David
Contact E-mail Address: david@gpsr.colostate.edu
Telephone: 970-490-8316
URL: http://oms.gpsr.colostate.edu
Submitter Name: John Huddleston
Submitter Organization: USDA NRCS
Submitter E-mail: John.Huddleston@usda.gov
Submit Date: 30-May-01

Description of Effort:
An Object Modeling System Consists of a Library of Alternate Science and Database Modules, which Facilitates the Assembly of a Modeling Package, Tailored to the Problem, Data Constraints, and Scale of Application

Major Participants:
USDA-NRCS-ITC (Jack Carlson)
USDI-GS-DENVER (George Leavesley)

Types of people they would like to get involved:
Any software developer, scientist, or engineer who is tired of re-inventing their application. For agencies who want to eliminate duplication of effort.

How people can get involved:
See the URL http://oms.gpsr.colostate.edu

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