Effort Name:  Maritime Information Markup Language
Acronym:  MIML
Point of Contact:  Jay Spalding
E-mail Address:  jspalding@rdc.uscg.mil
Telephone:  860-441-2687
Submitter Name:  Jay Spalding
Submitter Organization:  US Coast Guard R&D Center
Submitter E-mail:  jspalding@rdc.uscg.mil
Submit Date:  07-Mar-02

Description of Effort:

Develop an XML vocabulary that enables automated transactions btween the Coast Guard, other agencies and industry in areas pertaining to mandatory reporting of vessel related information, navigation safety information, and vessel tracking information.  This effort is part of our research program in Intelligent Waterways Systems.


USCG R&D Center
Arizona State University

People to be Engaged:  

Coast Guard programs and other agencies with information to share concerning the Marine Transportation System.

How to Become Engaged:  Contact jspalding@rdc.uscg.mil

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