XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Federal Grant Processing DTDs
Acronym (if applicable):
Point of Contact: Frank Henry
Contact E-mail Address: fhenry@lmi.org
Telephone: 703-917-7062
URL: http://www.financenet.gov/iaegc
Submitter Name: Frank Henry
Submitter Organization: Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee
Submitter E-mail: fhenry@lmi.org
Submit Date: 05-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
The Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee consists of representatives from federal grant-making agencies.  The Committee coordinates federal grants data standards and supports electronic grants processing activities.  A federal grants DTD has been developed to cover four areas of grants related data: grant application submission, award notification, organizational profiles, and professional profiles.

Major Participants:
Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee
Research and Related Subcommittee
State and Local/Non-Profit and Other Subcommittee
Federal Commons Subcommittee

Types of people they would like to get involved:
Agencies and stakeholders involved in grant programs and related activities.

How people can get involved:
Check out the Action Plan on the IAEGC's Web site.

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