XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Dept. of Energy, WSRC Internet Development Group
Acronym (if applicable):
Point of Contact: Jim Goudouros
Contact E-mail Address: jim.goudouros@srs.gov
Telephone: 803-725-2638
Submitter Name: Carol Blackston
Submitter Organization: Dept. of Energy, Office of the CIO
Submitter E-mail: carol.blackston@hq.doe.gov
Submit Date: 23-May-01

Description of Effort:
The Department of Energy, Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation's WSRC) Internet Development Group is testing open-source XML engines that will ensure consistent delivery of information regardless of browser capabilities for handling XML. The open-source engines tested include Xerces, Xalan, and Cocoon, all available through the Apache Foundation. The group has successfully developed test applications for static page delivery of information with XML and has written small applications as training exercises. The group does not consider using Internet Explorer and its related proprietary protocol a long-term solution for their XML development needs. The group is exploring XML as a neutral data exchange format and as a means for making large amounts of information available to web developers without having to use ORACLE or establish ORACLE

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