XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: DLA Office of Counsel, Columbus Region Survey
Acronym (if applicable): DOCCR Survey
Point of Contact: Phil Donovan
Contact E-mail Address: phillip.donovan@dscc.dla.mil
Telephone: 803-725-2638
Submitter Name: Phil Donovan
Submitter Organization: DSCC
Submitter E-mail: phillip.donovan@dscc.dla.mil
Submit Date: 12-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
Intranet Web Survey. Uses xml, xslt, and .asp. All intrinsic controls are dynamically generated by xslt, depending on the format of the question in the xml document. The renderring is done on the server, to avoid browser conflicts. Output from the survey is written to an xml document which is transformed into a Excel spread sheet for analysis.

Major Participants:

Types of people they would like to get involved:

How people can get involved:

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