XML Effort Detail Information:

Effort Name: Automated Fluid Minerals Support System
Acronym (if applicable): AFMSS EC - Permitting
Point of Contact: Bill Van Meter
Contact E-mail Address: Bill.Vanmeter@otsmail.otshq.com
Telephone: 303-456-0990
URL: http://www.otshq.com
Submitter Name: Gene Thibodeau
Submitter Organization: Office Technology Systems, Inc.
Submitter E-mail: genet@otsmail.otshq.com
Submit Date: 09-Feb-01

Description of Effort:
As a contractor to the BLM we maintain their well information tracking system(AFMSS). In March 2000 we added a web-based permitting module to allow oil and gas companies to submit necessary Federal permits. We are currently including state governments in this permitting process using XML.

Major Participants:
1. Office Technology Systems.
2. The Bureau of Land Management.
3. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Types of people they would like to get involved:
1. Other state governments. We are currently talking to Alaska, New Mexico, and Colorado.
2. Gas and Oil Companies.
3. Any government agency that does permitting of any kind. eg. Campground permits, Christmas tree permits, Rafting permits, gravel permits, timber permits, fire wood permits, etc.

How people can get involved:

Call me (Gene Thibodeau) at Office Technology Systems (OTS) 303-456-0990.

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