Federal Information and Records Managers (FIRM) Council

Call for Participation

10:15 - noon, March 20, 2007
Room 144C Washington, DC, Convention Center
Metro: Mt Vernon Square/7th Street on Yellow and Green Lines

Records Management Performance Metrics:
Good Practices and Tools


Few, if any government agencies have established, much less effectively applied  performance  measures to track, assess, and report how well they are managing, using, and sharing records.  What gets measured gets done and the consequence of the lack of such metrics is predictable.  Many agencies, offices, programs, and individual government employees are managing records poorly.  Even if they are doing relatively well, without a standard set of metrics, there is no way to know how well records are being managed, used, and appropriately shared, much less to determine whether performance is improving or declining.  At this forum a keynote speaker and a series of presenters will address this topic and begin to identify good practices that might be established as standards for government agencies.

In addition to the standards themselves, readily usable tools are required to enable agency employees and managers to effectively manage and share records, without imposing undue time and effort upon the processes by which mission-critical work is accomplished on a day-to-day basis.  Toward that end, a Pecha Kucha session (series of short presentations) will be conducted for vendors and service provider to explain how their products and services are making it easier for agencies to do a better job of creating, managing, sharing, and using authoritative, high-quality records.


Karen Evans, Administrator for Electronic Government and Information Technology, Office of Management and Budget


Vendors and service providers who would like to make presentations are invited to use the ET.gov site and process to:
Anyone may use the ET.gov process to identify emerging technologies that may be of interest to .gov or .mil agencies.  So even if you are not a vendor and especially if you are a .gov or .mil employee and would like to see a presentation on a particular vendor's product or service, please use the ET.gov site to identify it so that it can be considered for inclusion in the agenda for the forum.  If you would like to do so and require assistance, please contact Owen.Ambur@verizon.net

Records, content and knowledge management specifications and service components that have been identified in the ET.gov process, and thus are eligible for consideration at this forum, can be discovered at http://etgov.i411.com. Thus far, vendors and service providers who have expressed interest in making brief presentations during the Pecha Kucha session include: In addition, the Department of Defense (DoD) will make a presentation on the records management metrics developed by the Department of the Navy (DON); the General Services Adminstration (GSA) may make a presentation on the SmartBUY program; and FIRM will make a brief closing presentation, as time allows.


Program Co-Chairs - Owen Ambur, xmlCoP, & Laura Bell, DOT

Keynote Speaker Recruitment - Owen Ambur & Denise Bedford, World Bank

DoD Std. 5015.2 & JITC Liaison - Ronald Kelly, DoD/OSD/CIO
Records Management Productivity Measures - Karen Burnette, BLS
Forum Appraisal & Vendor Presentation Assessment - Bruce Campbell & John Bosley, BLS
Good Practices for Records Management Performance Metrics - Matt Staden & Charley Barth, Navy
Publicity - Anne Baker & John Vasko
Onsite Registration - Carol Brock & Steve Levenson
Greeting & Handouts - Essie Bryant & Anne Baker
Audio/Visual & Presentation Logisitics - Steve Levenson & Dan Bennett

Potential Forum Partners/Cosponsors & FIRM Board Liaisons:
Additional information about FIRM and FOSE is available, respectively, at http://firmcouncil.powweb.com/index.html and http://www.fose.com