eGov Projects & Milestones

[Editor's Note: For purposes of historical continuity and referential integrity on the site, this listing of projects identified in the eGov Strategy was archived from its former location at on February 5, 2003.  XML schemas are implicit in each of these projects.  As soon as practical, those schemas should be made explicit -- in the context of the FEA DRM -- through registration in the XML repository.  We understand OMB plans to provide an updated version of this listing at another URL.  If and when that occurs, it is our intention to provide a link to it here.  In the meantime, we are providing links pointing directly to the milestones previously identified for each of the projects:  Recreation One-Stop | Eligibility Assistance Online | Online Access for LoansUSA ServicesEZ Tax Filing | Online Rulemaking Management | Expanding Electronic Tax Products for Businesses | Federal Asset Sales | International Trade Process StreamliningOne-Stop Business Compliance Information | Geospatial Information One-Stope-Grants | Disaster Assistance and Crisis Response | Project SAFECOM | e-Vital | e-Training | Recruitment One-Stop | Integrated Human Resources | e-Clearance | e-Payroll/HR | e-Travel | Integrated Acquisition Environment | Electronic Records Management | e-Authentication | Federal Enterprise Architecture]

Timeline for Deployment (April 2002)
This is a non-exhaustive list that will grow or be modified as the initiatives evolve

# Project Milestone Date
Government to Citizen
1 Recreation One Stop Revised deployed Completed
    First version of online 4/31/02
    RFPs or agreements with private sector reached on implementation of new recreation online projects TBD
    Additional recreation projects (reservations, searchable maps, more recreation information, etc.) available online TBD
2 Eligibility Assistance Online Initial release of online screening tool for 20 benefit programs 4/31/02
    Online screening tool for 100 benefit programs 9/30/02
    Targeted consolidation of online benefit application and customer relationship management TBD
3 Online Access for Loans Deploy “seek and find” methodology to make it easier for the public to find loan information TBD
4 USA Services
Enable citizens to personalize the combination of services they obtain across multiple programs
    Enable a case to be created and acted upon by multiple agencies TBD
    Implement a multi-channel contact center to facilitate easy access to information and service TBD
5 EZ Tax Filing Internet fact of filing and refund 4/31/02
    Initial deployment of industry partnership free e-filing solution for 2003 season 12/31/02
Government to Business
6 Online Rulemaking Management Develop capability assessment of “top ten” rulemaking agencies’ docket systems – who has the best existing solution 3/30/02
    Create a page, through FIRSTGOV, that links to all agency’s docket sites 4/15/02
    Complete study of requirements for moving rulemaking agencies to an integrated online rulemaking system 8/30/02
    Deploy unified cross-agency public comment site TBD
    Deploy a single on-line rulemaking dockets application to include integration with the RISC/OIRA Consolidated Information System (ROCIS) TBD
7 Expanding Electronic Tax Products for Businesses Begin deployment of filing of W2s on the internet 2/01/02
    Complete XML or non EDI formats (schemas) for electronic filing of 94x 8/31/02
    Begin deployment of the interim solution for online EIN by November 2002 (IRS) 11/31/02
    By January 2004 target initial implementation of 1120 efile for business to facilitate end to end tax administration 1/15/04
8 Federal Asset Sales Re-host Federal Sales 3/31/02
    Develop pilot business integration 9/30/02
    Pilot transaction platform 3/31/03
9 International Trade Process Streamlining Complete EX-IM Working Capital Automation Project and Integrate into 4/15/02
    Deploy on-line collaborative workspace that consolidates all of the information gathering by trade specialists and disseminates it through to SMEs. 8/15/02
    Simplify EX-IM Insurance filing processes and products and integrate them into 1/15/03
10 One-Stop Business Compliance Information Pilot/test prototype content management tool for Conduct full inventory/registry of regulatory agency’s “plain language” compliance assistance tools 8/1/02
    Prototype seamless intergovernmental licensing and permitting tool to include Internet EIN 11/30/02
    Complete 30 expert tools (from multiple agencies to include OSHA, EPA, IRS, INS, DOT, DOE) designed to help businesses to comply with relevant regulations in the environment, health and safety, employment, and taxes. 5/1/03
Government to Government
11 Geospatial Information One-Stop Complete draft standards for critical spatial data themes (framework data) 9/30/02
    Identify Federal inventories of framework data 9/30/02
    Deploy first iteration of the Geospatial One-Stop TBD
12 e-Grants Finalize the E-Grants business case in support of partner requirements and other participant input 4/15/02
    Evaluate the use or expansion of interagency and agency specific capabilities for discretionary grant programs 6/1/02
    Pilot a simple, unified way to find federal grant opportunities via the Web 7/1/02
    Define application data standards 10/1/02
    Deploy simple, unified grant application mechanism 10/1/03
13 Disaster Assistance and Crisis Response Finalize the business case in support of partner requirements and other participant input 5/15/02
    Deploy a single portal for citizens, public and private institutions that provides access to information and services relating to Disaster and Crisis Management TBD
14 Wireless Public Safety Interoperable Communications - Project SAFECOM Define the communications concept of operations for interaction that identifies the communications requirements to address the two highest probable threat scenarios: Bio terrorism and natural disasters. 5/31/02
    Develop an integrated public safety response solution that addresses the top two threat scenarios by using existing infrastructure augmented by available commercial capability. 9/30/02
    Complete a gap analysis of existing inventories of public safety wireless communications at federal, state, and local level. 12/31/02
    Implement Priority Wireless Access. TBD
15 e-Vital E-Government Strategy Finalize the business case in support of partner requirements and other participant input, and submit to the PMC 5/15/02
    Deploy electronic process for Federal and State agencies to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) records. TBD
    Deploy an electronic process for Federal and State agencies to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate Electronic Death Registration (EDR) records TBD
Internal Efficiency & Effectiveness
16 e-Training Initial e-Training system operational with mandatory Government courses (module 1) - 10/15/02
    Expanded e-Training system with fee-for-service courses (Module 2) 4/30/03
    Enhanced e-Training system contains user and managerial tools (such as virtual classrooms and evaluation tools (Modules 2 and 3) 11/01/03
17 Recruitment One-Stop Implement simple front-end – Improved appearance and usability that mirrors popular private sector internet recruiting sites 6/30/02
    Applicant status applicant database mining, intake of paper resumes/applications, and capability to link to Federal agency’s assessment tools. 1/31/03
    Integration with agency assessment tools. 6/30/03
18 Integrated Human Resources HR Logical Data Model including metadata, extended markup language (XML) tags, including proposal for standard Federal HR data 9/30/02
    Prototype Analytical Tools Enabling Integrated Resource Management, Workforce Planning, and Policy Analysis 12/31/02
    Design notional architecture for HR initiatives integration to include financial management 11/30/02
19 e-Clearance Clearance Verification System which creates a common, source of investigative info to support employee assignment 12/31/02
    Implement e-QIP to reduce error rejection rate, eliminate manual data transfers 6/30/03
    Connect OPM & DoD security clearance indexes 12/31/02
20 e-Payroll/HR (Payroll Processing Consolidation) Complete and submit business case to the PMC 3/31/02
    Integrated Enterprise Architecture TBD
    Strengthening Payroll Service Delivery TBD
21 e-Travel Government wide web-based end to end solutions initial capabilities assessment (ICA) 10/01/02
    E-Travel Customer Care Implemented 12/01/02
    Web Travel Authorization and Voucher System (TAVS) 6/30/03
    Integrated Solution 12/30/03
22 Integrated Acquisition Environment Integrated Vendor Profile Network – IVPN Single point of vendor registration, initial capability 6/30/02
    Consolidated eCatalog –Implement a directory of GWAC and MAC contracts to simplify selection and facilitate leverage of Government buying, initial capability 9/30/02
    Federal Acquisition Management Information System – FAMIS Implement a new web-based Federal Management Information System that is integrated with legacy systems and provides useful real-time data, initial capability 9/30/03
23 Electronic Records Management With partners, finalize ERM initiative work plan and types of ERM guidance and tools to be developed in initiative 5/31/02
    Issue first ERM guidance product (subsequent products to be identified with their timelines under the first milestone) 9/30/02
    Issue first lessons learned/best practices model 9/30/02
    Complete RM and archival XML schema 2/28/03
    Develop ERM requirements that agencies can incorporate in their system designs 4/30/03
    Issue final guidance products and tools 9/30/03
Cross Cutting Initiative
24 e-Authentication Define operational concept including critical success factors and requirements for 12 of the projects. 7/1/02
    Initial authentication gateway prototype 9/30/02
    Full deployment 9/30/03
    Government-wide authentication guidance TBD
  Federal Enterprise Architecture Produce a set of generally accepted, component-based technology models to guide the target and transition architectures of the currently approved E-government initiatives 3/15/02
    Identify opportunities, based upon agreed criteria measuring impact and value to the citizen, for additional e-Government initiatives (Budget Year 2003/2004) 4/30/02
    Deliver a Federal EA repository with high level business and data architecture in 4 focus areas: Homeland Security, Social Services, Economic Stimulus, and Back Office Operations 4/30/02