Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of the CIO Council

Emerging Technology Subcommittee Community of Practice

(1) Authority. The Community of Practice ( CoP) is chartered by the Emerging Technology Subcommittee (ET S/C) of the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC) under the authority granted in the CIO Council's charter "to establish standing committees and working groups as necessary to consider items of concern to the Council."

(2) Background and History. Available at ../completed/history.htm

(3) Purpose.  The CoP is hereby authorized to:

(a) continue previously chartered activities with a focus on implementing the ET process and facilitating collaboration on and review of XML-based "components" within that process, including using as appropriate.

(b) coordinate with and support the activities of the Data Architecture Subcommittee and Services Subcommittee, as well as the Governance Subcommittee of the AIC.

(4) Participation and decision-making. With limited exceptions, participation in the CoP is open, not only to employees and contractors of government agencies at all levels of government but also to vendors and individuals who wish to contribute to the efficient and effective use of XML by government agencies. Generally speaking, the CoP will operate by consensus. However, taking into account the views of the participants, the Co-Chairs will determine the meeting agendas as well as which issues and components to bring to the attention of the ET S/C.  In determining agendas, priority will be given to XML-related components and specifications registered and indexed on the site.  If funding or procurement issues are to be discussed, the Co-Chairs will limit participation appropriately. As may be appropriate, the Co-Chairs will seek to have government employees assigned to assist with specific project-oriented tasks that may be designated as priorities by the co-chairs of the ET S/C.

(5) Duration. The xmlCoP's revised and extended charter shall expire on November 30, 2008.

(6) Leadership.  The Co-Chairs of the CoP, at least one of whom will be a government employee, are appointed by and may be replaced by the Co-Chairs of the ET S/C at anytime. The CoP Co-Chairs shall report regularly to the ET S/C and shall ensure that a clear and complete record of its activities is maintained on  the site. As requested or approved by the ET S/C Co-Chairs, the CoP Co-Chairs may designate task team leaders to steward CoPs forming around XML-related ET components and specifications identified on the site.