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Discussion Notwithstanding the title of this page, which was established many years ago, our listserv has primarily been intended and actually used for announcements of general interest, rather than "discussion" of narrow issues that may be of direct interest to relative few of our stakeholders. You can view our message archives and join our mail list at http://listserv.gsa.gov/archives/xmlwg.html

To get a sense of who participated in our activities, when the xmlCoP was highly active, see our partial listing of those who attended our monthly meetings.

See also the W3C's eGov Interest Group (eGov IG) and OASIS e-Gov Technical Committee's E-mail archives, respectively, at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-egov-ig/ & http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/egov/

For the benefit of anyone who believes it might be useful to engage in more active discussion of XML-related matters of particular interest to .gov and .mil folks, an xml.gov CoP group has been created on LinkedIn. There are already a number of XML-related groups on LinkedIn, including:

So the xml.gov CoP group on LinkedIn may or may not add sufficient value and, thus, has not been actively promoted for usage. However, anyone who may wish to do so is free to subscribe to it. Whether it proves to be useful or not will depend upon the number of folks who decide to subscribe and the quality of of the contributions they make.


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