XML Registry Project Team
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The XML Registry Project Team Meeting for June 18, 2003 will be held jointly with the  E-Forms for E-Gov Pilot Team.  Details are below.  We will get a chance to cross pollinate with this important e-Gov project, hear the latest on their work and share briefly what we have been doing.

Roy Morgan, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Time:  1:30 to 3:30

Place: Room B-841B,  the Department of Commerce, 14th and Constitution, NW  (This is a short walk across the ellipse from the GSA building.)

For details, see:

Commerce is at 14th and Constitution, NW with the main entrance being in the middle of the building on 14th. Or you can enter through the Ronald Reagan building from the Federal Triangle metro and walk through the tunnel under 14th street.

Directions to Room B841B at the Dept. of Commerce

Room 6029B (where we've met in the past) is located sort of at the intersection of the "0" corridor and the "3" corridor. B841B is in the basement and is sort of at the intersection of "8" corridor and the "3" corridor. So it's on the opposite side of the 3rd corridor. (The "0" corridor runs the full length of the bldg on the 14th Street side from Constitution to
Penn Ave. The "8" corridor runs the same except it's on the 15th street side. Then there are corridors 1 through 7 going between the two corridors.)

If you come in the front entrance go left as far as you can go after passing through the guards desk, turn right on 3rd corridor ignore the elevators there and go to the 15th side elevator, take it to the basement. When you get out of the elevator go toward the cafeteria.   B-841B should be the first door on your right. If you go into the cafeteria you have gone to far.


You can take the front entrance main lobby elevators down to the basement, go through the cafeteria bearing left and once you "leave" the cafeteria you are in the 3rd corridor with the meeting room on your left.

If you come in through the tunnel connecting the Dept. of Commerce to the Ronald Reagan Building, ignore the first set of elevators and weave around toward the cafeteria. You will come to the elevators mentioned in scenario 1. Go past them and the room is on the right.

If all else fails call Patty at the Dept. of Commerce (202/482-4797) and she will escort!

eForms Pilot Team Leader: Rick Rogers, Fenestra Technologies,

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