XML Working Group
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Location: Booz Allen Hamilton, 700 - 13th Street, N.W., 11th Floor, Washington, D.C., across the intersection from Metro CenterIf the presentations are made available in time, they are posted in advance of each meeting at  Those who wish to participate via teleconference may contact for the number and passcode.

9:00 Co-Chairs & Participants
Introductions, Announcements & Comments on Previous Meeting Notes
Status and Plans for the DoD Registry
Jay Chin, Chief Architect of the DoD Metadata Registry, FGM
10:05 NASA Use of DoD Registry
Bruce Altner, SAIC
XML Collaborator & OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM)
Kevin Williams, Blue Oxide, accompanied by David Webber
UK Ministry of Defence/OASIS XML Registry Pilot
Carl Mattocks, CHECKMi on behalf of OASIS TCs
Noon Adjourn

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