XML Working Group

          Title:  XML Working Group
          Date:  Wednesday, July 19, 2000
          Time:  9:30 AM to 12 PM
       Location:  Room 6009, GSA, 18th & F Streets, NW, Washington, DC
    1) Self Introductions & Announcements

    2) Brief Report by Marion Royal of GSA on the XML Developers Conference

    3) Presentation by Mary Brady of NIST on the Standards Roadmap
    (15 - 30 minutes, plus discussion)

    4) Virtual Logistical Support (Update & Discussion)

    a) Meeting Minutes (Appointment of Secretary)

    b) Listserv & Forums

    c) Vision for xml.gov

    i. XML Expertise Directory? (XML Blue Pages?)
    ii. XML FAQ?
    iii. Public-Use Forms Namespace?
    iv. WebDAV?
    v. DASL?
    vi. XForms?
    vii. Wf-XML?
    viii. DoD Std. 5015.2?

    5) Leadership, Strategies, and Tasks for Activities Specified in Charter:

    a) XML Best Practices and Recommended Standards

    b) Partnerships with Key Industry and Public Groups

    i. xml.org
    ii. xml.com
    iii. xml.net
    iv. aiim.org (DMware, ANSI COLD & Inter/intranet DocMan drafts)
    v. arma.org
    vi. bfma.org

    c) Partnerships with Existing Communities of Interest within the Federal Government

    i. CFOs?
    [At EIEITC meeting, Lew Oleinick of OMB suggested that agency financial reporting requirements
    would be a high-value partnership task.]

    ii. Government Information Clearinghouse?
    [Dick Griffin of NPR and David Block of Microsoft have invited Owen Ambur to chair an XML SIG
    under the auspices of the Clearinghouse.]

    iii. Forms Managers?
    iv. Records Managers?
    v. Knowledge Managers?
    vi. FOIA Officers?
    vii. NCLIS, Librarians?
    viii. Public Affairs Officers? (XMLNews)
    ix. Metadata Repository Managers?
    x. Data Architects?

    xi. IT Capital Asset Planners?
    [Bill McVay of OMB suggests that the XML Working Group meet with the CIO Council's Capital
    Planning and IT Management Committee concerning rendition of the A-11 Exhibits 52, 53, and
    300B in XML. Deadline for Exhibits has been pushed back to December 15.]

    xii. GPRA Managers?
    xiii. Accessibility (Sec. 508) Coordinators?
    xiv. Procurement, Contract Managers?
    xv. Blue Pages Coordinators?

    d) Results-Oriented Education and Outreach

    i. xml.gov
    ii. GPEA/XML/XForms/DoD Std. 5015.2 Symposium?

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